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Are you intend to buy a new sectional sofa? Do you want to know the secret about a sectional sofa?. Alright, before you purchase a new sectional sofa just look at this guide. In this guides I will cover most important things about a sectional sofa. I emphasis that, If you follow this guide, I’m sure will learn something new about sectional sofa and you can make decision to purchase the right sectional sofa!

So, What is a Sectional Sofa?

The sectional sofas are highly popular sofa at present. The resion behind this popularity is the versatility in design and function of a sectional sofa. A sectional sofa gives you beautiful looks of your room and they are comfortable to sit in as well. There is nothing else without a sectional sofa that instantly transforms your living space with little effort!

The sectional sofa is one of the most practical pieces of upholstered furniture for large and small living rooms alike. The sectionals are composed of multiple independent pieces that may be arranged in a number of different positions. This is thanks to the many different pieces that can make up a typical sectional collection.

If you have a large family or you love to regularly host a crowd so, the sectional sofa is definitely worth your consideration for you. Even if your sofa style just leans more to lounging than perching.

Do You Really Need a Sectional Sofa?

If you are planning to style your living room with sectional sofa, but you are confused to make a decision between a regular sofa and sectional sofa. However, how do you decide, when you should buy a sectional sofa?

  • Are you living with a large family?
  • Do you have enough space living room?
  • Do you like all in one solution?
  • Do you want to save you space?
  • Are you looking for the most comfort?
  • Are you want to pick from multiple Versatile collections?


If these above points are true for you, so the sectional sofa is a great choice for you. When you come to buy a sectional sofa so, the first thing you should consider your room type and the purpose of your purchase. Basically, a sectional sofa best for the family living room. A sectional gives each person space to spread out, yet allowing everyone to be together at the same time.

One the other hand, A sectional gives you all in one solution. The most sectional collection offers two or more pieces that you can configure in a different style. The type and amount of pieces available vary from product to product, but many of them have includes the following Sofa, Loveseat, Recliner, Chair, Corner Wedge, Armrest, Drop Down Table, Ottoman and more. So you don’t need to purchase individually. It will save your cost.

In addition, the sectionals are saving your room space. You can install the sectional sofa at a corner, in front of the walls or in the middle of your sitting room and still save of space. Just one sectional sofa and you can have the rest of space for decoration and tables.

If your are looking for most comfort so the sectionals are great for relaxing because they are usually covered in comfortable fabrics like leather or microfiber.

Some sectional some come with reclining seats and it will ensure you more comfort for you. Basically, the sectional sofas are definitely made for being able to get comfortable!

The other great things is versatile of sectionals. If you go for a sectional sofa so, you will find a huge number of style, design, and pattern that will help you to pick your favorite one.

What are the most popular sectional Shaped?

Sectionals come in an assortment of shapes and styles that all look great in a variety of living room settings. Aside from style, certain sectional sofas also provide some sort of function besides sitting. Here are the most popular sectional sofa configurations.

U shape:  Great for media rooms and rec rooms. Fans and gamers give this comfortable, casual look the thumbs up. Add in ottomans so they can kick back.

L shape:  A structured look that can float in great rooms or go against walls. Add storage ottomans to keep games, magazines, and throws handy but hidden.

Semi-Circle: a semi-circle sectional sofa is curved in appearance. A slight deviation from more common linear offerings, a semi-circle sectional sofa is something different in look.

Pit:  A big block of upholstery that corners the comfy market, these work in large family rooms and rec rooms where a laid-back approach rules.

Chaise:  A classic L perfect for smaller rooms. Use freestanding chairs to create a conversation area.

Choose your favorite sectional sofa type:

As can see, the sectional sofa has lots of functionality so, type of sectional is based on the functionality and different type of feature. There are three types of sectional sofas is most popular nowadays.

  1. Stationary
  2. Modular
  3. Reclining  


The stationary type of sectional sofa is very familiar and basic type sofa. A solid piece of furniture that can’t be taken apart and no other function besides parking your derriere.


This type of sectional is usually the most accommodating with sections and pieces of the sofa being able to come apart and aligned in any configuration that best suits your tastes.


The Recliner sectional is one of the most popular features that ensure you extra comfort for your seating. Some sectional sofas offering parts of their seating that can recline. The reclining seat that can be placed next to a sofa or loveseat to make it longer. Recliners can have two arms, LAF, RAF or armless. If you enjoy lounging in total comfort, or if you know you may have overnight guests, the reclining sofa is a great solution.

Choose the perfect Materials:

Depending on preference, sectional sofas come in three main materials with some slight deviations. Here are the construction materials of a sectional sofa.


When you come to pick a sectional sofa so keep in mind, the leather sectional is very popular. There are different grades of leather to choose from, with genuine leather being the highest quality at a more expensive price point. If you have enough budget so it can be a great investment piece. The good quality of the leather is very long lasting. A great benefit of leather sectional is that is very easy to clean and develops character over time.

Faux Leather:

This synthetic fabric is a popular choice for those who want the durability and look of leather at a less expensive price point.


A variant of cloth comes in the form of microfiber. Microfiber typically is much finer than traditional cloth and is better at keeping clean in comparison as well.


The cotton is another great choice. This is natural fiber will provide good resistance to fading, but is less resistant to soiling, wrinkling and fire. A tighter weave is a stronger, higher quality fabric choice. The durability of cotton upholsteries will depend on the weave count. It looks nice but tend to wear down faster and aren’t as easy to clean.


The polyester is one of the most common synthetic fabrics used for sofas. This type of material is an affordable option that touts many benefits. It is wrinkle resistant, durable and easy to clean. Polyester sofas can be very stylish.

Traditional or Contemporary?

There are two main design for a sectional sofa, which is Traditional and Contemporary. The others design are built with from combination of two main design but, using traditional design as the basis and modern being classified as a more avant-garde approach with current contemporary tastes.


The traditional design incorporates popular designs from yesteryear utilizing classic looks with such aspects as floral patterns or more rounded edges and curves. Aesthetically speaking, traditional design with furniture appears “old” or “antique” looking.


Contemporary design is an up-to-date approach in using straight lines and edges. The overall feel should be minimalistic and “futuristic” in design.

Choose your favorite color:

When you looking for a sectional sofa, be sure the fabric color you choose works well with the overall decor of your living room. Let give an example: if your living room is painted with white color, you can choose a shade of white for your sectional sofa.

However, if you want to add some piece to your living room, you can choose a sectional sofa in an accent color. But keep in mind that a sectional sofa will most likely be the centerpiece of your living room: You might prefer to establish a new color scheme designed around your new sectional sofa.

Are sectional sofas budget friendly?

If you’re not even sure how much the average sofa costs so, it’s really difficult to wrap your head around how much you should spend on a sectional sofa. A good place to start is to get familiar with some average price ranges for sofas.

Numbers to know:

  • $2000 or more:  Anything above two grand, we would consider being an expensive sofa.
  • $1000 – $2000:  A mid-range priced sofa generally falls in between one to two thousand dollars.
  • $1000 or less:  The sub-thousand dollar range is what we’d consider an inexpensive sofa.

Final Verdict:

At last, make sure the pieces of the sectional sofa fit in the pathway of delivery, and that they will fit in doorways, down a set of stairs (especially if there’s a landing with a 90-degree turn) and hallways. The great thing is sectionals can be made of two or more pieces, which allows for easier transport, and offers a lot of versatility to create a configuration that works for your needs and for your space.

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